Read this before texting me about any product


Who am I? -:

I am Amanda Bynes the owner of this site (and owner of a discord community with hundred trusted members:, and a Reseller who buy courses from the original website and sell at an affordable price, I have 30 TB full of courses related to business, marketing, pickup, fitness, sex, hypnosis, NLP and everything.

How can I trust you? -:

A}. There are some other website who sell courses at either very cheap price or very high price but they provide half courses i.e sometimes they give courses but don’t offer bonuses of courses or they scam you by running away after taking your money but it won’t happen with me because I provide complete proof and payment will be via PayPal and you will send as goods and service so if I scam you you can raise a dispute and get the refund but it won’t happen that’s my guarantee

B}. If you still think I am just a random guy trying to scam you for money so you are absolutely wrong, Unlike others even if the amount is low it is hard-earned money and I respect that

c} Here is a screenshot of few testimonials out of thousands of testimonials and good messages I received after business: Feedback

If you need more testimonials or more proof please text me 🙂

Okay seems legit, What payment do you accept?

-: We accept PayPal because it’s protected and safe but if you don’t have it in an extreme case we can try Bitcoin, Payoneer, Credit Card or any other

I am convinced that you would be the best choice but After payment how much time it would take to deliver the course? and how would I get the course?

-: Course will be delivered within 2 minutes after payment in the form of a mega link or google drive link (Mega link normally)

What about any course which I don’t have and you want it? :-

It’s simple, just text me the name of the course and sales page and I would try my best to help you. Text me a message with your course request here:

Okay well, I have more questions -:

well you can trouble me with your questions by texting me and you can buy only when you are satisfied because

Here we care about you and believe in 100 % satisfaction guarantee

Contact us at if you need any assistance 🙂 I will try to respond asap